Friday, April 22, 2016

May Member Calendar

If you would like a .pdf with HPFC schedule calendars for the rest of the year, or an "at a glance" yearly version, please email and ask for a copy to be sent. There are separate Producer and Member calendars, so please specify if you have a preference as Producers have a different set of reminders than non-producer members.

How did you like the new site design? We realize it is quite different, but there were a lot fewer glitches than expected and quite a bit of positive feedback. If you have questions about the new site, just ask! You may post a question here, or send an email to or We want to serve both our members and producers well and your feedback and participation are keys to our ability to do that.

Want to know when new blog posts are made? You can get an email notification if you like, just sign up.

This is a very exciting time for the Co-op, lots of changes that should all end up being positive. We look forward to growing and serving all of you even better. Thank you for your support.