Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Member Giveaway!!!

We are so happy you all are taking the time to read our blog, we wanted to give you a thank you reward! The first ten members who comment with who their favorite producer is and what you like about them will receive a fancy insulated HPFC tote (yellow or blue, our choice please) AND an easy-to-fold-and-keep-with-you-always blue reuseable tote on your next order!!! Whoop!!

This is open to members only. If you use an internet moniker that is not your real name and do not want to put your real name in the comments, please email contact the blog or the help desk at HPFC with your moniker and real name.

As always, thank you for your membership and for supporting local, family farms!

Monday, June 6, 2016

Free help at your farm???

While the first part of this message is mostly for other producers, even as a member you may know a good fit for these budding farmer-wanna-be's! Can you help?

This couple is looking for experience working on a sheep/goat farm or ?? farm, please read her email:

I am writing on behalf of myself and my partner, Stan. We am coming from deep in the heart of Denver. I have a day job in an office near the denver tech center. Stan does a lot of different things in the city. We are looking for a couple things:
1) to get out of the city (for me, every other weekend is about what I can commit to with my travel and work schedule)
2) to learn as much as I can about smaller animal husbandry (especially sheep)
3) to explore whether this is an Avenue we want to pursue together (a farm), and if so, get more clarity what that would look like for us (personal farm, CSA medium sized, larger semi-industrial scale).

Hope you had a fantastic weekend! 

Please contact Ruby Farm or leave a comment below to get hooked up with these people and find out if you or your operation is a good fit for a work/learn set up. This was an unsolicited request, so we don't really know more than you do.

For you members who are reading this and thinking: gee, that does sound like fun! Remember that Ambrosia Farm "sells" a Farm Day through the Coop, where you can learn all about chickens and turkeys and assorted other farm animals and equipment! Yes, they have GOATS! The fee is only so they can pay for your lunch and is quite reasonable. What a great activity for your school's-out-for-the-summer kids!